Jim Carlson dot Net, LLC

Jim Carlson dot Net, LLC’s founder and managing member, Jim Carlson, is a leading Internet Marketing Strategist with broad experience balancing the needs of traditional (off line) marketing activities with those of the digital world. Specialties include user path navigation, content marketing, e-commerce, SEO, SEM and social media integration with an emphasis on client training, measurement analytics, developing corporate policy and procedures.


  • Build and maintain search engine marketing campaigns for clients based on geographic market, industry keywords and marketing goals. Act as a resource to help optimize and monitor SEM campaigns for clients who have in-house search marketing teams.
  • Assist clients and marketing agencies with SEO strategy for new websites as well as improving existing sites. Skills include keyword strategy, content marketing, code recommendations, SEO tagging and 301 redirects.
  • SEO/SEM analysis, content analysis and VOC of competitive websites to determine strengths/weaknesses of competitors from an internet marketing perspective.
  • E-Commerce consulting – Help businesses choose e-commerce platforms, web developers, and facilitate business integration.
  • Social media strategy, including Facebook, Twitter, blogging/newsrooms, content marketing as well as location based social media and local search for brick and mortar businesses.