About Jim

Jim Carlson hails from the Midwestern city of Wausau, Wisconsin; where he has spent over two decades as a solo performer (as a acoustic folk/rock singer/songwriter), performed with various bands, produced music festivals and been a stage crew member for touring national acts (both musical and theatrical).

Jim started learning about internet marketing when he released his DYI solo CD, “Out of Fashion” in January 2003. Without a large marketing budget, he figured that the best way to promote his music was to build a web page. He quickly learned that just building a page wasn’t enough to make his name or music appear on the search engines.

After learning to optimize his site (and appear on the first page of search results) he began leveraging various social media channels to promote his music and link back to his jim carlson dot com page. Soon, sites he worked on started appearing at the top of the search engine results.

His internet marketing extended into secular employment as an Internet Merchandiser for one of the largest direct to consumer eCommerce companies in the world. His skills developed as his career advanced: Internet Merchandiser, Internet Marketing Analyst [Search Engine Marketing], Search Engine Optimization Specialist and Social Media Expert. During this time, Jim developed a marketing consulting firm, assisting businesses and agencies with all aspects of Internet Marketing.

After spending five years as the Director of Internet Strategies for one of the Midwest’s premier marketing agencies, he resurrected and refocused his energies on his consulting firm, eventually forming Jim Carlson dot Net, LLC. in October 2012.