The Death of a Blog

I’m guilty. Ive broken the golden rule of blogging: Write frequently.

It is funny, I preach this simple commandment to my clients. I tell them how important it is to keep providing their readers information, or you will lose them. Have I lost you?

Quite frankly, it is easy to get caught up other business activities and personal issues. So what’s a blogger to do? Here are some ideas that I’m hoping to use to keep this blog current:

  • Set aside time on your schedule to write. Keep your appointment with yourself.
  • Write a series of articles and ‘post to the future’. Have them in reserve, mix it up.
  • Invite guest bloggers. No one knows everything, bring a new voice to the table.

So what have I missed? What do you do to ensure you post regularly?

One comment on “The Death of a Blog
  1. I also post to the future. It keeps me relaxed, because if I “have” to write, my posts usually get really bad and rather senseless. Since I work in Zurich, Switzerland, but live about one hour away from my office, I usually write in the train to or from work. That makes commuting rather fun 🙂